iCARE Club TV Program

The program that brought you "Good ideas for the world we care"
Meet up with young generation and their intersting creative ideas for society
:: Every Friday 9.00-9.30 on PPTV ::

**PPTV 24 hrs. Channel** broadcast through PST channel 223, RS channel 210, Infosat channel 219, Dynasat channel 159 and GMM Z channel 265
Rerun : Saturday 5.00-5.30, Sunday 13.30-14.00, Monday 9.30-10.00, Tuesday 6.30-7.00, Wednesday 17.30-18.00

Follow program teasers on http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz_03mYO0ZTiBVz1CSfsfpGBPoak7I8nz