iCARE Establishment

Establishment of the iCARE society development organization

iCARE Story

Not long ago…there is one quality real estate company
Even though they have got various rewards in making quality houses and residences.
But they still believe that the business cannot run well in long-term if the social is not in a good state.

Till one day, they established “iCARE” Social Enterprise to serve the purpose of connecting people who have good ideas and hearts altogether.
Since that day, iCARE has started its journey and created spaces for new generations to use their idea through iCARE Award competitions, using their ideas and designs for society, including create inspirations through media.
Moreover, iCARE also produce beneficial creative media materials distributed through Youtube and Facebook, and people can also follow and update for our news and events.

Because we believe that our world can be better with creativity and collaboration of everyone who has idea and heart…for the world we CARE for.