B.A.D Young Cannes Competition 2011

iCare joined supporting people to “CHANGE” in the event “Ordinaries make extraordinary - One year of Change.org Thailand”

at TK Park (Thailand Knowledge Park) to celebrate 1 year anniversary of Change.org on September 15, 2013.

"Change.org" is the website where everyone can start a campaign by him/herself; whether the case is something involved in a daily life, unfair or feel that is not right. The user can find the others who shared the same thought to create a creative change to society into reality. Change.org has got over 40 million users across 196 countries worldwide, and 300,000 Thai users since the first launch in July 2012 with several successful campaigns. Many ordinary people have taken action and influence to change society with their fingertips thru Change.org.

In the event, ordinary people across social media gathered up and shared their campaign experience with each other in the occasion of 1 year “Change.org Thailand” anniversary. The atmosphere went on actively with exhibitions and experience sharing between campaign creators to show what and how their little voices can contribute to the society. Change.org is considered to be a good way to point out social problems just by society itself directly to the office in charge; to make change in a better direction.