Who are we?

iCARE Society Development Organization

The best way to describe iCARE is “Creative Social Agency” which is how we call who we are. Though our work is creative advertising, we don’t work for regular productions or services.

We work specifically for non-profit organizations dedicated to giving their time and energy to foundation projects, civil services, social enterprise, private CSR, or even in government fields. Our mission is to be an intermediary -- collecting, informing, and expanding the story of people who work for society, helping them to become known and represented through creative and engaging ways.

iCARE sees our role being to create project and activity for cultivate a society of good conscience summed up in a motto, “Great ideas for the world weCARE”. With the financial support from Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Company, we work towards our mission to “Think and Create for Human Sustainability”.

iCARE strives for inventive, creative, and unique work in the hope that we will all see society come together to for OUR collective future in the world.

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