New Heart New World

World changes...when heart changes

New Heart, New World is a project for the sharing of knowledge in society.  The project aims to provide books that collect interviews of over 20 people in different career paths in order to share their life changing experiences which occurred from an inner change or experience in “awareness” in order to discover the meaning of life through self-understanding and realize the truly happy life.

Share an awareness experiences by honored guests; Phra Paisal Visalo, Danai Junjaochai, Ploy Mulligamas, Wannasing Prasertkul, Prof. Wichian Chaiyabung, Phra Mahapongnarin Tittawungso, Naraseth Mudkong, Duntrin, Sunisa Sukboonsung, Dr. Woraput Poocharean, Punsiri Sirivejchapun, Wachira Ruthirakanok, Withitnun Rojanapanish, Dr. Buncha Pongpanich, Jone Jundai, Dr. Suwinai Paranawalai,Putharawadee Meechuthon, Dr. Wit Sithivakin, Jukrapun Suwanpanish, Tul Waitunkiat, Professor Pramoul Pengjun, Wisut Pornnimit, and Dr. Sorayuth Ratanapojanart.

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