iCARE Trainees

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iCARE society development organization invites you to follow the latest project “iCARE Trainees-----“ where five brave trainee teams will join their dream organization.
Fun or fussy, follow their reality for six weeks on facebook.com/icareclub

Begins on 1st April 2011, The trainees are:

1. Song & Ploy

iCARE Trainees: Girl duo from architecture, CU who will train at weklongtoey studio, to develop the Klongtoey community.

2. Peera

iCARE Trainees : soon to graduate from faculty of communication arts, CU. While still unemployed, he challenge to train with LPN, Labour Right Promotion Network which takes care of alien workers in Samutsakorn.

3. Arm

iCARE Trainees: A charming man with long hair from the faculty of Architecture, KMUTT who brings himself all the way to Suphanburi to build a museum for the Pagagayer Community with Openspace group. (Fanpage)

4. June, Jub, Aom, Sunny

iCARE Trainees : joined as team “clean gang” from Thammasat to share the great Dhamma’s books with Dhamma bank, Thammasapa. (Fanpage)

5. Ing Ing

iCARE Trainees : The youngest of the trainees packed her bag to Chiang Mai.  She fell in love with the northern culture and decided to stay at Lanna Wisdoms School. (Fanpage)